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Work Remotely From The Comfort Of Your Home

Work from home and take control of your career

Working From Home Made Easy

Our industry leading technology has allowed us to offer a easy, simple and fast onboarding process for our agents.

About Us

For years, Atria Sourcing has helped countless individuals all over the U.S. find jobs best suited for their interests , while helping businesses locted perfect employees. With employees in all fifty states , we have grown Atria Sourcing into being the first place people refer to when searching for remote positions. We understand and support the benefits that working from home provides. We are excited to welcome you as one of the newest members of our growing team!

Whether it’s dropping kids off at school, running some errands, attending an online fitness class in the morning, or being home for a contractor, these tasks (and more!) are easier to balance when you work from home.



All applicants must be 18 years or older All applicants must pass a 7- year background check.

Applicant will be responsible for the background check fee of $30 


All applicant must own a computer device and headset.

Equipment must be compatible with the Arise platform software.

Home Office

All applicants must have a quiet workspace, All applicants must have access to high speed internet and modem, Be sure to have your work area established prior to accepting your first client.

To join our team, you must:

Please note, this opportunity is not available in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, or Wisconsin.

Your Role

As an agent, you are a 1099 Independent Customer Service Provider 

As a 1099 Contractor you are responsible for all fees associated with your position such as:

Part-time vs Full-Time

As an Independent Contractor you have full control on what days, when (morning, afternoon, evening) and how long you would like to work. All clients require you to service a minimum of 15 hours weekly to maintain your position.

Get paid to work from home and set your own schedule

Our agents enjoy the work life balance they are afforded with our opportunities.

Join our remote workforce and experience the freedom of work from home jobs

Working with us allows for a better balance between work and personal life, enabling our agents to spend more time with family and pursue personal interests.